Black Yak

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Black Yak ISPO 2018

For the booth of the company “Black Yak” at ISPO 2018, designed by “Studio Knack” in Munich the task was to design and calculate two light sculptures.
The light sculptures consist of a total of 297 LED bars from “Ligeo”. The special challenge was to find a geometrically and statically possible configuration with the help of a specially developed iterative algorithm, taking into account all the limitations of the product system. After the successful completion, the booth won the “Red Dot Communication Design Award 2018”.

Collaborative work with: Studio Knack (
Client: Black Yak GmbH
Project team: Simon Vorhammer



The second part of the task was to communicate the positions and orientations of all elements and their sequence to the on-site assembly team with as few as possible documents.

In a table, the IDs and coordinates of all nodes are shown in Cartesian Space, as well as in a local reference system, in order to allow a clear positioning in space.



Light programming: Matthias singer, 507 Nanometer (
Video: Simon Vorhammer, Cut: Julian Dostmann, Lauro Cress